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Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior is a true test of physical prowess. It is a you against the course (and clock). With the ever increasing obstacles, you never know what you will be challenged by. This is why Ninja Warriors have to have endurance, speed, mobility, strength and creativity! In our classes we get get to improve these all while training on obstacles. There is more than one way to complete an obstacle and each obstacle will challenge you in different ways. 

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Parkour is using your body to navigate through your environment as fast and efficiently as possible. It consists of running, jumping, climbing, vaulting and many techniques to go over, under and through obstacles. Parkour can be described as a non-combative martial art that is used to get to a place (reach) or get away (escape). For some, Parkour is more of an art form which focuses on more aesthetic movements such as flips, twists, kicks and dancing. 

In our classes, we start with the fundamentals and build up to the most advanced techniques throughout 6 levels, ranging from white to red bands. In our beginner classes (white and yellow band) we go over the basic techniques to build up strength, mobility, proprioception and confidence. This teaches participants to train safely and effectively while preparing them for more advanced techniques in our intermediate and advanced levels.

Meet Our Instructors

Tom Selby 

  • 12 years Parkour experience

  • 9 years Martial Arts tricking

  • Started Parkour instruction in 2008

  • Hopes to encourage and inspire others to move and push beyond their mental and physical limits

  • Loves to coach kids to adults and excels in breaking down advanced movements to teachable components

  • From beginner to advanced levels, Tom will progress you in a safe and effective manner that has you doing the courses and tricks you want!



  • Xie (pronounced Christie) is the face of Women's Parkour in Winnipeg and has been training Parkour for 7 years 

  • With a genuine passion for Parkour and the power of movement 

  • Brings a fresh enthusiasm for the sport and for beginners

  • Xie is a wealth of knowledge and would love to share her passion for the sport with you!


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