The spirit of 'giving back' is alive and well at Serratus Movement Centre!

Look no further than the hardest working crew, made of members and friends - the Serratus Superstars. This tireless and enthusiastic team has done it all. They put together a rockin' concert fundraiser that brought in over $6000 and a week later they organized a bake sale that brought in over $7000! When is the last time you heard someone raise $7000 in a bake sale?

All Superstars, raise your hand...

They once raised over $56 000 in a single campaign for the 20km Challenge For Life walk, being the the top community team and surpassing many corporate teams as well. In fact, all of their efforts are geared towards helping those in need, especially the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

A heartfelt thank you to all the women and men on the Serratus Superstars. Your dedication and perseverance is unmatched.

Serratus Movement Centre and it’s clients believe strongly in community support, proudly donating our time and efforts to Gaining Resources Our Way, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Christmas Cheer Board.