I decided to hire a personal trainer after I began feeling burnt out at the gym, and basically hit a rut. Hiring Kevin was an easy decision, I knew of his thorough background of exercise and Sport Science. He has extensive experience dealing with injury management and recovery, is well read, and is just a friendly guy. He pushes me out of my comfort zone while still recognizing my needs and limitations. Workouts are innovative and well planned to suit my needs and goals. Kevin is always learning new things, which is essential in health and wellness, since there is always new research coming out. He is constantly pursuing professional development and I feel I am in very capable hands. Training with Kevin is something that motivates me to be my best!


I always wanted to work out, but never really knew how. Serratus, and my trainer Lexie, have given me an entire new range of different moves and exercises to do. Serratus has all the equipment we need to do all of this and Lexie comes up with new and challenging exercises every time I come in!

Dale Rossman

Serratus has a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere where you don’t feel intimidated to come and work out. Training with both Liisa and Jona is an awesome experience as they make it interesting and fun and I feel as though I am working out with a good friend.