Studio Training


If you are uncertain of your fitness level or looking for a few sessions to get you going, the Starter Package is a one-time offer for new clients consisting of three one-hour sessions.  It is an introduction that provides you with a program to either continue to use in the studio or the gym of your choice.  Here is a great opportunity to use one or two sessions to help us educate you and develop a program that we can customize for your workout facility, be it a commercial, business or home gym.  Many clients use the third session to update their program or begin a new one.


This is the epitome of personal training, all the attention is on you without any distractions. Here we develop a program specifically tailored to you. We will continually monitor and update your program and make sure it is providing maximum results.


If you normally workout with a partner or like the idea of trying something new with a friend or family member, partner training is definitely for you. Feed off each others energy and support one another every step of the way.


Who says three’s a crowd?  This is the most economical way to enlist a trainer and often the most fun. We still keep the fundamentals of training the same, individualizing areas to work on and working together on our strengths.